From Data to Insights
Dissolve your data silos with a modern cloud data stack

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Accelerate Your Time to Value with a Proven Modern Data Stack

The Data to Insights package is a joint offering between Data Clymer, Sigma, Matillion and Snowflake that is designed to help you quickly set up your cloud data stack.  This offering includes: 

  • Dedicated data engineering assistance from Data Clymer to help you integrate your data sources, set up your data stack, and create a set of analytic dashboards. 
  • Access to the Snowflake Data Cloud platform.
  • Matillion instance to help you integrate your data with Snowflake and perform powerful data transformations. 
  • Easy-to-use Sigma dashboards to help you visualize your data and scale your business analytics strategy. 

Speak with a Data Clymer Representative today to learn more about how you can unlock the hidden insights within your data!  

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