It can be difficult to derive insight and measure marketing success without a solid analytics strategy and solution. Even with access to an abundance of data, many organizations struggle with optimizing and utilizing this data in a productive and meaningful way. Elevating marketing performance provides many benefits including understanding customer and prospect behavior, gaining a clear picture across the entire marketing funnel, allocating marketing channel spend, and enabling sales teams with the right tools to close more deals. 

During this webinar, our speakers discussed:
  • What's possible for marketing analytics and performance today
  • Common marketing performance challenges
  • Recommendations for elevating your organization’s marketing performance
  • The benefits of partnership and collaboration to maximize marketing ROI


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Aron Clymer

 Founder & CEO at Data Clymer 

David Joosten

 co-Founder & CEO at Flywheel Software

Mark Balkenende

VP Product Marketing at Matillion

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